Create a New User 

    - Click SIGN UP in top right hand corner.

    - Enter Full name and Email.  Click Register.

    - An email will be sent to validate your account

    - Open the email and follow the instruction to validate and activate your account

    - Once validated, they can login and click the + New Support Ticket. 


Submit + New Service Ticket 

  1. User requesting service will need to fill out the following form fields: 

    1. Company Rep - Main contact for service request and billing.  Usually the person submitting the ticket. 

    2. Rep Phone # 

    3. Rep Email 

    4. WO / PO # - Work Order or Purchase Order number (if available)

    5. Site Name and Address 

    6. Site Contact Name 

    7. Site Contact Phone 

    8. Site Contact Email 

    9. Priority – Determines rate of response and labor price 

              Description – Scope of work or brief description of the issue or request.  

Click the Create button at the bottom to submit the ticket. 

An iS3 Service Rep will reply to your ticket within an hour if submitted during regular business hours.

If you have any issues or questions, you can call us at 404-487-6009 ext 2 for our Service dept. or email